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At Centro Auditivo Menorca our main goal is the normalisation and improvement of our patients’ hearing. The work, study and experience acquired during our professional life are the basis of our know-how. During these years we have created our own methodology where the personal touch and communication with the patient are the main focus.
The rapid evolution of technology and the advances in audiology oblige us to update continually in order to achieve the maximum functionality of hearing in children and adults, and ensure that they enjoy better hearing and a better quality of life.

– Services –

Centro Auditivo Menorca we treat each patient in an individualised way. We analyse the problem and design the best treatment to recover their hearing efficiently with the adaptation of the hearing aids and finally undertake a monitoring process for the maximum adaptation of the patient.

Our own laboratory

We have our own laboratory in order to make immediate repairs and offer quick solutions in case of emergency. Our audioprosthetists have the training and are specialised in the area of laboratory prosthesis.

— Team —

You will be attended to by professionals specifically trained to provide you with the best audiological care in adults and in paediatric audiology. Audioprosthetists who work with strict protocols based on more than 20 years’ experience.


You receive unbeatable treatment and professional attention, thanks to our highly-qualified staff, who will advise you on the best solution for you or your family.

Albert Martín Audiologia

Albert Martín Fusté

Tècnic Superior
en Audiopròtesi i
Audiologia Protèsica

Professional amb més de 20 anys d'experiència i amb una llarga trajectòria, persegueix un únic objectiu que no és altre que cercar la millor solució auditiva per a cada pacient.

Joan Carles Visa

Joan Carles Visa

Tècnic Superior
en Audiopròtesi i
Audiologia Protèsica

La seva professionalitat i especialització en les adaptacions infantils l'han portat a ser un referent en l'Audiologia Pediàtrica.

— Accessories —

— Where to find us —

Av. Fort de l’Eau, 44
07701 Maó (Menorca)
Tel. 971 363 185
Mb. 608 670 386

També a Barcelona i Sant Cugat del Vallès
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