— Connectivity —


The connectivity accessories enable us to cover the individual needs simply, intuitively and wirelessly.

Our audiologists will advise you regarding the best option for your hearing aid or cochlear implant. We have top-quality accessories for mobile and landline phones. Accessories for listening to the television with high definition, delay-free and directly to the hearing aids.

Landline phone

We have systems that pass the landline call directly to the hearing aids with a sharp resolution and in stereo sound that enables a clear understanding of the conversation.

Mobile phone

We currently have systems that work with Apple devices and an app installed in the mobile phone where the call is sent directly to the hearing aids and the sound quality is extraordinary.

When we do not have an Apple phone we also have the MFA (Made for all) solution that, through Bluetooth, the Android phone allows us to do the same.

Equipment for TV

We have systems that range from conventional headphones (Senheisser) to the latest Bluetooth technologies that link the television directly with the hearing aids.

We also have these systems specifically for cochlear implants.