— Child Adaptation —

Paediatric anamnesis and complete audiological study

The function of our paediatric team is to accompany the family and child at all times. The compilation of all the information that the parents provide is highly valuable and the support that we can offer them is an excellent tool to begin this process. We carry out a whole series of paediatric audiological tests that comprise: child audiometry conditioned with play, visual reinforcement, evoked response or the technique that each child requires according to their age. All these tests will help us discover the degree of loss of the child and their hearing needs.

Paediatric hearing aid adaptation

We have the widest range of paediatric hearing aids to offer children with hearing loss the chance to make the most of their hearing skills and oral language development at an early age. Once the correct diagnosis has been obtained, our team of paediatric audiologists recommend the most suitable hearing aids for each child and will explain the reasons behind their decision.

Monitoring and coordination

The child’s hearing aid is monitored in order to optimise the fitting of the hearing aids and is done according to the child’s needs. Coordination with ENT specialists, speech therapists and the school is very valuable because it ensures the correct development of the child. We work in a multidisciplinary way to achieve the best for the child and so that the family can have the peace of mind of being in good hands and with honest professionals and committed to their task. We actively collaborate with the best pediatric network of the Phonak Children’s Program.
We are a Center accredited by IB SALUT to process public aid for children up to 16 years.