— FM Hearing aid systems / Cochlear Implants —

FM Hearing aid systems / Cochlear Implants

Babies, children and adults can improve their hearing in adverse auditory situations with the use of these systems. Users of hearing aids or cochlear implants can go about their day-to-day lives normally in the majority of situations. In contrast, faced with situations of noise, distance and reverberation, hearing by means of these devices is not enough. The distance between the hearer and the sound source reduces the understanding of the word and this is accentuated if we are in a noisy setting. This is why the FM systems have been created and which can solve these problems.

Sharp and close signal

The FM system comprises a microphone that the speaker or teacher wears…. And transmits the wireless signal to the receiver placed in the user’s hearing aid or implant.

FM systems for adults and FM paediatrics.

We have systems for adults that can improve communications in activities such as conferences, guided visits, meetings, doing sports… and systems designed specifically for the school and educational setting. The advantage of a sharp and close signal, free of the noise of the setting that the FM system provides in the classroom improves learning significantly.


Whe are specialists in offering universal compatibility with the majority of hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aid implants (BAHA)..

Endorsed results

The results of the FM systems are endorsed by diverse studies. In the case of babies its use considerably helps early learning. All the sounds of the surroundings, including the most distant, become auditory stimulations, improving the understanding and development of language.