Privacy Policy

Who is responsible for the tractament of the data?

Consultors en Audiologia, center de titularitat d’Albert Martín Fusté, DNI 38087708F, adreça Avinguda Lluís Companys, 10, Sant Cugat del Vallès (CP 08172), tel. 93 763 69 31/680 703 434, a / e .

Amb quina finalitat tractem les personal dades?

To Consultors in Audiologiatractem the information of our patients with the following finalities:

– Organization of the services of the Center and management of the agenda.

– Register and follow-up of the service provided by the patients.

– Maintenance of the clinical history.

– Carry out billing management.

– Inform about the services that you offer.

Quant de temps conservrem les dades?

The identifiable data of the patient, together with the most complete information of the seva clinical history, is kept for a minimum of fifteen years from the high data of each care process (art. 12.4 of the Llei 21/2000 , of December 29, on the information drets concerning the health and autonomy of the patient, and the clinical documentation ).

The administrative management capabilities of the patient will be preserved while the service provision relationship remains in force. The financial and billing rights will retain purposes that do not prescribe tax liability (art. 66 of Law 58/2003, of December 17, general tribute ). During the period of time it is possible to keep the qualities of our suppliers.

The contact details that appear in our distribution lists for sending informative mailings or newsletters, are kept by the recipient or authority. They are eliminated immediately after the person concerned has not demanded.

Who is the legitimacy for the tractament of the dades?

The treatment of the data of the clinical history is carried out within the framework of the contractual relationship, both of our patients, of the provision of our services.

The tractament of the rights to the effects of the organization and administration is tracted by the legitimate interests of the center and to the effect of being able to offer the services that the patients request.

The authorities of the providers of the center are in compliance with legal obligations and in the context of the contractual relationship.

The rights of the persons that appear on the lists of distribution of information are dealt with based on the consent of that person.

To whom is it communicated?

The center deals with them scrupulously respecting the confidentiality obligations. Only the patient, or the persons authorized by the patient, have access to them. However, when the health care is carried out to the lamp of policies or coverage from which the patient continues to benefit, the center will be able to provide the information of the services provided, així with the seves personals inclosesles de salut, to the insurers or entitats sota the coverage of the quals is provided for the assistance. The communication of the requests is made of conformity with the consentment previously provided by the patient in the policy subscribed by the seva insurance company, and it is essential for the coverage and the invoicing of the services provided.

It is also communicated to the bank entities the information of the providers for the payment of the monthly invoices. The tax authorities that appear in the billing are communicated to the Tax Administration.

Who are the drets of the people of what tractem give them?

Qualsevol person will have you to obtain confirmation on whether the center is dealing with personalities that concern it, or not. In the case that followed, the interested persons have the right to access the personal details, and then they have to request the rectification of the inaccuracies or, if it escau, request it and suppress it when they are given no further necessàries per to the finalities for the quals it is going to collect.

In certain circumstances, the interests can be opposed to the transaction, demand the portability of the assets or request the limitation of the transaction of the assets. The money to portability is the money to obtain the data in a common structured format and to transfer it to a responsible person. In the case that is sol·liciti, the limitation of the agreement can only be traced with the consent of the interested person, or to formulate, exercise or defend us from claims, or to protect the rights of an other natural or legal person , or for reasons of public interest.

How can they exercise the drets?

Mitjançant a written adreçat to Consultors en Audiologia. Both of them will like to attend to the suggestions and to respond to the requests for information or clarifications. If the interested party considers that the rights are not adequately adequate, it is possible to file a claim at the Espanyola de Protecció de Dades, Calle Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 Madrid.