— Earplugs / Earphones —

Last-minute emergency?  NEW – IMMEDIATE SWIMMING EARPLUGS !!!

Made-to-measure swimming earplugs

The earplugs completely stop the entry of water and offer us total comfort and safety.

They are suitable for adults and children. Easy maintenance and long-lasting thanks to the quality of the silicone

Nobody has as many colours as us!!

You can choose from among more than 15 colours.

Earplugs / Earphones for music

This type of earplug is ideal for people attending concerts with high levels of amplification or for professionals in the world of music (DJ, musicians, etc.).

The advantage of these earplugs is that they have a filter incorporated that works as a cushion without causing any alteration in the quality of sound.

Earplugs for sleeping

These earplugs can be used to sleep and relax or for good concentration.

Earplugs for driving

They are the ones used for motorbike riding. This type of earplug can reduce sound to 27 dB.

Earplugs for athletes

Athletes who go SURFING or KITESURFING. These made-to-measure earplugs have a protective membrane to avoid the impacts of water and thus avoid major problems in the ear.

Made-to-measure earphones

Earphones adapted and customised to the ear of each person or athlete.