— Tinnitus —


Between 70% and 90% of people with tinnitus suffer hearing loss.

If you suffer from tinnitus, we can assess your situation and analyse whether it is accompanied with hearing loss by means of an audiometer. Once the problem has been assessed, if hearing loss is detected in many cases the use of hearing aids is advisable as well as auditory stimulation. We have special hearing aids for cases with tinnitus.

Understanding tinnitus in order to improve

Tinnitus may occur for different reasons and the origin may be very diverse, from exposure to loud noises continually, tobacco, unhealthy habits or lifestyles associated with stress. We will differentiate between non-problematic tinnitus in which, despite its existence, the patient can live with and get used to it without it affecting their day-to-day life, and problematic tinnitus, in which the habituation of the patient causes them difficulty in sleeping, concentrating, understanding speech, anxiety, frustration and other alterations in their social and working life. With the help of specialists such as ENT, acupuncturists or physiotherapists we can eventually find a solution to this serious problem.